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Where have I been? May 30, 2007

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Well, I’ve been saving myself from the computer hell that is a crappy pc laptop and I have entered the world of the glorious MacBook. In other words, I got a new computer and so what if I’m obsessed with it!!

I’m gonna go so far as to say I love this adorable little machine in the same way I love my cat. It’s just different than all the others. It’s like it was made for me. I suffered through several other cats – I mean computers – and I finally feel as if one loves me back.

I have a hunch that it has something to do with the fact that I just turned 30.

Was I supposed to tell you all that? Who cares.

Here’s the summary of the end of the semester:

~I performed the Rach Vocalise at the chamber music recital.
~I got all A’s except for in Dictation because it’s hard and it blows my mind and in chamber music for obvious reasons.

This summer looks promising.

~I’m going to Hand’s Off 2007! (UK Theremin Symposium)
~I’m going to be playing the role of the Misfit, Stormer, in a hilarious stage version of JEM and the Holograms
~I’m going home to visit my mom as often as I can

My goal for the summer is to create a set-full of cool, hip, fresh traxx on Garageband so that I can get out there and start “hawking my [theremin]wares” on the mean streets/clubs of NYC.

So, periodically, I will post new music in the music section of this blog. See it? Yeah right there at the top right of your screen. I already have one new song up and a new recording of Vocalise. Check it out, please!


2 Responses to “Where have I been?”

  1. Jon B Says:

    Hey! I’m going to Hands Off as well! Have you bought your airline ticket yet? I’ve been afraid to, as I’m worried they won’t get enough participants and it’ll be canceled. I put down my £75 deposit, though.

    If it does happen, we ought to work out that Rainbow Connection duet I’ve secretly wanted to perform with you. Or was it you who secretly wanted to perform it with me? I can’t remember.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Ludlow and Professor loved you back but they came from the streets so they didn’t know how to show it like your computer does!

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