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Let’s get back to BIZ-NIZ! December 28, 2007

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Hello everyone!

Here’s the news, sugar-shoes:

1.)  Starting back to school in January.  REALLY ready to get back to work.

2.)  In lieu of the fact that my freedom of speech was REVOKED last semester on account of shady school policy, I have decided to skirt around the subject by changing all references to the name my college to ” [A Paradigm of Higher Learning Specializing in Classical Music Education]” and un-protect all formerly password-protected posts.  In other words,  you can read all my posts now and I will resume my commentary as soon as the spring semester has commenced.

4.) I was “kicked out” of chamber music class because I am “not musical enough.”  As I become “more musical,”  they will consider letting me back into the class.  (This news actually happened to arrive via voicemail on the single worst day of my life so far, August 16th 2007.  Since the other events of the day scored so emphatically on the DIRE AWFULNESS scale, the chamber music voicemail turned into kind-of an hilarious anecdote!)

3.)  Happy Holidays, Everyone!  Best wishes for 2008~




2 Responses to “Let’s get back to BIZ-NIZ!”

  1. Jon B Says:

    Yay! I’ve missed your posts. Somehow, the facebook mini-feed just doesn’t provide the same satisfaction.

  2. Brian Robison Says:

    Likewise, glad to see you’re back!

    Did I already recommend the Kingsbury book to you? If not, do check it out; it ought to help put your experiences in perspective (especially the less pleasant ones).

    The book is:
    Henry Kingsbury
    Music, talent and performance: A conservatory cultural system
    Philadelphia: Temple U. Pr., 1988
    (and I think it was reprinted in 2001)

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